This is the latest stable build of Arduino Eclipse IDE and it's available as a product and a plugin: Start with the product!

Product bundle


Strongly advised when you are new to Sloeber.

This is the simplest way to start using Sloeber as it bundles in one single download a complete setup including a stable version of the Eclipse CDT and the latest stable build of our great Arduino eclipse IDE!

The product is the only supported setup!

Sloeber needs java 17 or higher but is now included in the release!

Due to mac new security approach a simple download and extract will not work.

Follow following steps to install.

1)download with mac browser.

2)unpacked the sloeber ide zip file with the macOS native Archive Utility. Not in the download folder!!!

3)in the folder where you extracted Sloeber run: sudo xattr -r -d

Read the info on this site at: install->start here-> MacOS comments

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Plugin update site


If you want to pick a different version of the Eclipse CDT than the one included in the product bundle or you want to add the Arduino Eclipse plugin to an existing installation this is the way to go.

Though this setup works this setup is not supported because setting it up is not so easy and the number of combinations is ... kind of endless.

Watch these V3.x new and noteworthy video's to get a quick start: (V4 video's are still not made)