Every night, a little gnome called Jenkins walks around our servers looking for changes occurred during the day and, when he finds any, he feels so happy he starts the build process!

Beware though, as the nightly build represents the latest and greatest version off the code, but there is no guarantee that these versions do not contain any issue (they probably do) as the little gnome is not renowned for his patience and he doesn't test the build extensively: actually he runs away right after launching it!

And probably worse: The nightly is the playground of the contributors. No testing has been done, no validation has been done.

In contrast to the stable the nightly product downloads do not contain a java run time.

Eclipse Update Site

Alternatively you can get the latest nightly build by setting the following update site within an existing Sloeber installation.

The latest nightly needs java 11!!!!

So if you update your product on a windows machine that holds a jre folder you will need to delete the jre folder or upgrade the content to java11


Watch these movies to get a quick start: