here you can find product versions build by the build machine during the nightly build.

The nightly build builds the latest and greatest version off the code. There is no guarantee that these version are "better than the previous version".
Since (2014-01-08)The nightly build is only uploaded when there is a change in the github content (that is inclusive this web site)

product versions can be run without having to install eclipse as the product versions contain eclipse.
Yust download the correct version for your os unpack and start eclipse.
You still need to configure (step 4 of the installation instructions)

note: Windows users: I use 7Zip to uncompress and then I use 7Zip to unpak the tar file.


latest V2.3

Previous V2.2

Linux 64 bit

Linux 32 bit

win 64 bit

win 32 bit

Mac 64 bit